A big Lesson to all women. DON’T be a slave or fool

A Big Lesson To All Women. You are to be an assistant to your husband and not his slave. Don’t use your heart only, consider using your head too. Be loving and also principled to avoid future catastrophe. Right from the start, both partners should have clear templates to work with especially when it comes to business and money. Anyone can change tomorrow. Anything can happen in the future. Anyone can switch anyone later.

This world is currently unpredictable and selfish. As much as you should love and be considerate, please be civilised too, remember, this is computer age and civilised world now. Ask if you dont understand or know how to go about it. DON’T compare the old times with this present century. Do not cause yourself and children to be unfortunate because of a partner.

Think not of today only, remember, the future is near!

By Bro SeunElijah

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