CCC – My Church. My Faith. My Legacy. (Part 1: CCC Trademarks, Assets and Tenets)

My take : Celestial Church Of Christ (CCC) – What we have become!

My understanding of the faith called CCC.
It is with keen interest that I have paid attention to the growing trends within the CCC over the past 20years. Sometimes, I begin to wonder if truly we understand what the mission and purpose of this church on earth and amidst the people of Africa, most especially. Yes, it is saddled and empowered with a peculiar calling to cleanse the world and proclaim freedom in Christ to humanity for the salvation of their souls in the end through a man – well endowed above the regular, in the person of The late Rev.Pastor SBJ Oshoffa (Pastor, Prophet and Founder of the CCC W/W).
With a strong and powerful hand like that which delivered the Israelites from Egypt, God walked with him through a period to strengthen and prepare him for the great mission – one that he delivered with utmost sense of purpose and excellence. He was blessed with the “right lieutenants” and charged them to focus on the sole goal ahead relinquishing all sense of pride, place, position and possession but to gear toward the ultimate prize – Heaven.

Enough of the CCC History.
Within just over 30years of his demise, we have not been able to take the church any further than Papa and his true generals left it. The legacy of evangelism, worship, purpose, education and structure that he so looked forward to are yet to be fulfilled, even with a ship load of educated persons, wealthy men and women, evangelists of all sorts and many more. A clear indication that God works only with whom he has prepared! I believe that he is patient and just enough to see all of us out and build a new army of persons that will deliver his mandate and covenant with his son – Papa. At least, he waited 400 years to bring forth Moses for the deliverance of the Hebrews. He can wait again!

How well have we driven the mission globally? Where are the structures? Why is our clergy fold still under-developed and poorly structured? Where is our evangelism structure? How well are we embracing the offerings of the new world to push forward our God-sent mission, globally? Why do you worship man first, before the Almighty? Why is there is a dangerously growing thirst for money within the clergy fold and amongst members? Where are our schools?
Our thirst for money, position and relevance is reaching an all time high!
Let us consider a few sentiments.

As we are made to understand that the International Headquarters has always been saddled with the responsibility of managing and protecting these elements, the question truly is are there any globally registered trademark and rights accorded to the International Headquarters as the rightful custodians of the Church assets and tenets. Are there proper documentations? Where are the archives? Can anyone globally be challenged in a court of law in the case of gross misuse and unauthorized usage of the church’s tenets, assets and identities? It is said that the church belongs to Oshoffa but we know that we need to put the right structures in place to further uphold that legacy. Imagine if the Pastoral robe patterns, staff, Pastor seat and placement within the church were all registered trademark identities, would that not have grossly limited the growing emergence of false Pastors within and outside Nigeria.
Imagine if the hymn book, order of service amidst other faith documents were all globally patented? We would have work for our Enforcement/Control Office and The Church Global Legal Team in order to put checks to the horrendous tales of Pastoral candidates taunting the image of the church.
Pastor’s Office, BOT and PIC – Kindly take note.

Continuation (Part 2) will be posted soon on this website.

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