My Counsel to all Bachelors and Unmarried Men

The Joy of Fatherhood is glorious and magnificent. Don’t make it look regrettable or bad. May God help us. Please, make sure you are ready, responsible and capable before venturing into marriage/fatherhood. Do not make it a hell for your future wife and kid(s). Marriage is not by force, not by age, not by wealth, not by any category and not only by love for kids or a desired woman. Do not marry because others are marrying. Check your time, not theirs.

It is not you being a millionaire that makes your ready, but please also know that having good and constant source of income(business/salary work) is an important key to starting a successful home.

Yes, we should marry; God has asked us to go ye and multiply but how much have you worked towards that financially, emotionally, mentally, and in other ways to make your family worthy and taken care of? Are you ready?

Some marry when wretched before becoming rich later. It may not be same for you. Please try to have an small/average source of income that is constant before impregnating a lady or marrying.

If you are a graduate, do not wait until you get a better white collar job. Keep Searching for better job but STOP waiting, stop being idle at home or roaming church 24/7 for miracles. While you pray and put hope in God, set out, for God will be your guide. Find a work even if it is a low salary to start with or start up a little business. Stop being idle! God will bless the work of your hands not the idleness.
Do not be deceived by unrealistic/miraculous testimonials of some people from pastors/people. You would not be told all the complete stories of how the person strived too before the miracles. They only tell you parts that makes you want to live in the church to assist or keep coming to church frequently.

Be a man now before being a boy in marriage

By Bro. Seun Elijah

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