CCC – My Church. My Faith. My Legacy. (Final Part: Media, PR and Branding)

My take : Celestial Church Of Christ(CCC) – What we have become!

Of the top 10 most-populous and fastest growing church globally, CCC ranks the least in this area. Where are our dedicated media platforms to the projection of Christ through our faith? Where is our radio platform – satellite and terrestrial? Where is our TV platform – satellite and terrestrial? How have we told our story to the world? I remember growing with an age long myth – Oshoffa had long legs hence why we don’t we wear shoes? Do you know many still believe this even in the age of manufacturing know-how development? At least one could have been made for him regardless of his feet size.

Churches such as the Pentecostals most especially have powerfully and maximally leveraged these platforms to take the gospel of Christ and their faith to a global audience and we are here still contented with Facebook and Instagram – since some of the media accounts on these platforms are developed for self benefits and not for church growth.

The CCC brand is the strongest amongst all religious brands in Africa with interesting history, records, tenets and culture. How attractive have made it to the outside world?
How much of our story from Papa’s biography to the church today have we told the world? How are we managing what world puts out about our church through the media, Nollywood and global press?
Do we have a dedicated central media team/media office that manages real time all communication of the church, across its cadres, ministries and units? We are a great church with forward-thinking people. We must embrace new trends while maintaining the core of our identity.

By Mr Anonymous

Long live the CCC!!!!!

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