CCC – My Church. My Faith. My Legacy. (Part 2: Clergy And Church Administration)

My take : Celestial Church Of Christ(CCC) – What we have become!

Why does it still seem like The Pastor’s Office is yet to fully maximize the potentials of new age accounting, financial management, payments and administrative systems in the discharge of its duties to the church?
Why should a shepherd travel all the way for records when technology allows us for real-time, accurate accounting, reporting and profiling? Shouldn’t a parish be able to view a newly transferred Shepherd candidate via a well structured web interface to know more about who is being sent or transferred to them?

Why is clergy in the CCC still not on merit in 2019? Why are the true men of God always repaid with poor postings while persons of questionable characters, negative records and human loyalty rewarded with a place across our higher grade parishes. A recent occurrence at a parish that i know of testifies to this fact that “Clergy transfer is NOT on merit in the CCC”.

Why is there no grading and classification for CCC Shepherds? Grading and Classification by merit based on years of service, records and conduct and not by anointment which today has become an item of mere show off and not a charge to service.
Why can’t the Pastor’s Office effect a new policy where all clergy payments and remittances will be from the Headquarters directly via automated credit systems based on programmed algorithms. Pay your workers directly and take their livelihood away from the hands of parochial structures and church members.

Let them earn their deserved respect! They are clergymen and God’s tool.
Can the Pastor’s Office also push a return on return (ROR) policy where parishes can receive a percentage of their annual returns and payment to the Headquarters? Imagine a parish with annual returns of about 10Million Naira receiving 20% of that from the Pastor’s Office as his support commitment to the parish in the next year? That is 2Million Naira available to the parish for running cost and other demands at the beginning of the year. I am sure that will do a great deal of good for his image equity.
Pastoral advisers, BOT, IMC and PIC should consider this.

Will there ever be an education fund for clergy children in this church? Do they even matter to us? You need to re-consider your welfare structure for these men and let that inspire the coming generation just as it is done within other denominations such as the Catholic Church, RCCG and co. Pension? Health Insurance? Life Insurance?
When will the Pastor’s Office rebuke trends such as clergymen bowing to “honorary members of church administrative bodies”. My understanding is that no member – ordinary or honorary in ANY administrative sect is higher to a shepherd/clergyman regardless of the rank. If that’s the case then, please ask Celestial shepherds to stop belittling themselves to any member of our admin sects – BOT, IMC or PIC. They are honorary members and can be replaced, either alive or in death!

Continuation (Part 3) is on the way.

By Mr Anonymous

Long live the CCC!!!!!!

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