CCC– My Church. My Faith. My Legacy. (Part 3: Quality Control and Enforcement)

My take : Celestial Church Of Christ (CCC) – What we have become!

CCC is a complete faith. It is endowed with it’s own worship process, tenets, identities and other key elements to distinguish as the worship of the heavenly.
To this end, I assume that there should be a global quality control and enforcement office that regulates and manages all parishes globally who bare the CCC identity in their name, worship patterns and in other ways – another reason to strongly consider a global trademark.

There is a popular CCC parish in Lagos with a famed shepherd known to audaciously conduct himself in ways pleasing to him and not in conformity with the clergy conduct of the church. Are shepherds now allowed to dress in regular clothing, moreso wear black and red apparel? Is he an example of what you term “new generation shepherds”?
Papa is famed to always say “ A kofi ran mi be” a clear indication of his unwavering loyalty to the tenets, guidelines and pathway of God’s mission for the church.

Today, The Pastor’s Office is either in fear or favour of this kind of practice and cannot seem to act or call to order erring parties. Many have become elements of disregard to church and authority as the central seems weak, inactive or unconcerned with many of this growing ills.

Our God is dynamic, yet maintains a great deal of consistency in his characteristics and attributes. His faithfulness is eternal and such should apply to us, all – clergy or regular.

Continuation (Part 4) on the way.

By Mr Anonymous

Long live the CCC!!!!!!

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