CCC – My Church. My Faith. My Legacy. (Part 4: The Youths)

My take : Celestial Church Of Christ (CCC) – What we have become!

Do the youths even matter? Do we? I challenge anyone within the church administrative arm to share with us a year on year youth manifesto that covers education, leadership, church management, tenet and church culture and morals?

Whether our father and mothers like it or not, they are forced to pass the baton to us – but what are they passing on and to whom? Many well-endowed young Celestians are leaving the church in droves and going over to greater understanding and exploits across other denominations and we are still here celebrating the near completion of a basilica that an under-educated but wise and highly spirit filled Man of God laid its foundation well over 30years ago and passed on to Professors, Managers, Administrators, Governors, Doctors, Judges and many more persons of immense intellect but have failed to impact until recently.
Do you know we make up at least 70% of the church’s present global population? Even if some have lost the opportunity to learn and be shaped from a tender age – a trend still on going with our disjointed Sunday School Curriculum, which if addressed can help address some of the ills of our youth especially from the younger sect as they approach teenage life.

The 2018 Youth End of Convention is a clear testament that our youth wing is collapsing fast without direction and purpose.
Let it be told that we have done well enough to teach us is to pursue money by all means possible, never conform, leverage connections within the church for self ambitions, play parochial politics and all. You have done well at those!

A house that refuses to embrace and guide its tomorrow is set for doom. The CCC is not a house of doom. It will stand till the coming of Christ. Again, God can wait.

Continuation (Part 5) is on the way.

By Mr Anonymous

Long live the CCC!!!!!!

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