PLEASE READ! This is how you have become the enemy of our church (CCC)

My Church(Celestial Church Of Christ) is the greatest organisation worldwide having the best mission and vision for the world and mass entry to kingdom of heaven. However, it has become the most underated and infected church. The members themselves have become the enemies of the church mission and vision. The future looks uncertain. And now most of us in the fold clamour for God’s revolutionary intervention to the decay of the church. The new world of internet which is vast, productive and controversial has become a major train of publicising our awful acts to the world, whereas, we ought to make good and effective use of it to evangelise, promote the image(Contents, mission & vision) of the church, teach and inspire the world to better living and God’s kingdom afterwards.

A) Unfortunately for the church, members post anything on this worldwide web(internet). They have become the enemies of their church!
As good as the internet may be, so also the bad effects it brings depending on how we make use of it.

B) The youths misbehave in church. Some Clergies & Elders have not been good examples and cannot instill discipline and strict policies at their homes and parishes in line with Christ’s Instructions. Thus, the church becomes more of a social place. So many parishes and clergies have deviated from the mission and vision of the church. They are lost but relevant and celebrated. Oh what a pity!

C) The CHURCH should not just be to pray, praise and worship alone. It is also an avenue to learn good morals, absorb teachings of God’s word, inspire us for great feats, curb awful characters of members/people, teach good living in this hard world, make us better christians and prepare us for God’s kingdom.

D) The various church authorities seem clueless on the progress for the church. And if we claim to have achieved some great things, then i will disagree with you based on the low percentage of better development and discipline in the church. We are more than seventy years(70) old of establishment yet Organisational structuring and effectiveness is slow. Mission and vision of the church look uncertain. Parish clergies do not fear any authority, they can act anyhow under the name of the church and sadly, the church authority(ies) has no legal, moral power to prosecute or ban such clergy from using the church name/contents. Money and corruption are the main orders of the day.

E) We have made the sutana unholy and virtually useless for what is for. We act in bad manners on sutana in public place, thus, the public see us as irrelevant and outcast in christiandom. We should be among the top churches worldwide. Where are we now?

F) As true Celestians. The world should see the light in us, not the awful and worldly attributes. We are the last boat of salvation.

Wait, i have said much. Let me stop here…..
I am a proud member of CCC. It is very painful to me on the current state of the church. Leaving the church is not a valid option to me.
I actually cried when i saw the Alibaba’s recent video of CCC. Oh God 🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭

By Bro SeunElijah

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