There is a purpose for why God gives you a prophetic word, and there will be a
process that the word will take you through before you receive the promise of His word.
Most of the people wants to go straight from the purpose to the promise and bypass the process but Without the process you will not be ready to handle His promise.
Most times Prophecies comes like a Parable, it comes like a word which we can easily decipher but you need WISDOM.

A prophecy will only come to pass in your life if you work on it.
You may have received a prophecy that says you will become great , you will only become great if you walk in the path and work towards it.
Sometimes the fulfillment of prophecy comes in like an opportunity.
When you stick to a prophetic word without doing anything, it will pass you by until another time but it will definitely come to pass. You extend it more.
Just as Faith without work amounts to nothing same as Prophecy without Work will result to you just hearing it. People often complain that some Prophets are fake, some will even say God is not being truthful with his words…. But Can God ever lie? NO!
When He speaks, He stands by it. When the prophetic word is not coming to pass in your life, watch if you are not the one hindering it and examine how you handle things.
Also when you receive a prophetic word be sure you do not go around sharing your word with everyone . Sometimes what God says to you can make some people very angry for reasons that are not always known. Remember Joseph when he received his prophetic dream? He shared it with his family, and it angered his brothers, and they took him out and dumped him.

Some people get excited about their word and shared it with those who became angry with them and even brought harm upon them. Please be wise and prayerful about with whom you share your prophetic word.

When a prophetic word is being given, do not assume that what is said in the first part of the word is what will happen first, for it is not intended to be delivered in any specific order.

By Sis @igbagboyemi_tosin

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