We all need God’s Mercy

It is not your make-up that makes you up . Being on Facebook does not put your face in the book , the king loved Esther above all the women. Queen Vashti vacated the seat . When Esther appeared before the King, something went ahead of Esther, that’s MERCY, mercy prepared the way.
When mercy is speaking for you, your life cannot be explained, people can’t understand how it works for you.

It is not who you know that matters. It is not everyone that got to the top that struggled to get there, mercy speaks.
In this life, the only thing that is constant is the mercy of God. Until people begin to envy you, you are not blessed.

This morning I pray that the Mercy of God will speak for you in all areas of your life!

By Sis. @igbagboyemi_tosin
Photocredit @amee_royalfinesse

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