How We Mislead Ourselves. See What You Don’t Know About The Birth Of CCC

What many celestial members fail to appreciate and accept is that the Announcement of LULI On Friday May 23 1947 is the birth of Celestial Church of Christ. Even those who profess custodians of the church at Ketu/Ajasse/Diocese have failed to wake up to this Divine Reality. May 23 has even been omitted in Ketu order of service because we all have failed to heed the warning that came with LULI on that glorious day.

When we sing ojo agbara na ti osan di oru, we are stating a fact of spiritual revelation that the Church was descended on the day Papa heard the VoIce.

Unfortunately, the 2nd stanza has been misleading members to think it was 29th September the church was given birth to.

Back to the significance of LULI. Celestial Church of Christ is the Grace of Jesus Christ that has manifested to the World as a Gift(JESUS in the Word, in the blood and manifestation of the Holy Spirit) wrapped in a Gift box (Christianity religion).

LULI is the call to everybody to come and enjoy this Grace to salvation and to reconciliation with GOD our Maker and restoration to the life man once experienced in the Garden of Eden.

However, those who cannot receive this Grace or those who are incompatible with Grace are those whose mind and soul are buried in Pride and deceitfulness.

That is the significance of the White Monkey with 2 teeth (igberaga okunrin)as well as the multicolored bird (igberaga obrinrin) and the snake(itanije).

To walk in Grace (LULI), you must tame pride of your heart and never let Satan deceive you like Eve was deceived and use you to deceive others like Eve deceived Adam in the Garden of Eden

CCC is lost in its mission today because our leaders and worshippers have allowed Pride and deceitful mind to make them fall from Grace. From top to bottom, The power in WORD, Blood and of the Holy Ghost is diminishing in manifestation as the works of pride and deceitfulness are increasing daily across CCC Parishes worldwide.

Our titles are products of pride. Our ascending to positions of authority are products of Satan deceitfulness (People Deceiving People and painting it like God is speaking through them) and we think LULI is still with us?

Papa Oshoffa tamed pride and Satan deceitfulness by killing every desire for earthly pleasure/wealth/possession of life that the natural man can hope for in this life.

These earthly vanities fuel pride and make us to lie and engage in deceitfulness to obtain them. When we partake in these twin evils, LULI departs from us and we become empty. Emptiness makes people go looking for marine/underground powers to bolster their religious standing until they sink with no hope of recovery.

The beauty of LULI is that no matter how deep you have sink into pride and deceit, Grace can still pull you out once you confess your Pride and deceitful works.

So, on another May 23, the anniversary of The Grace of Jesus Christ, can we all begin to recant our works of pride and deceit that have brought Celestial Fold to this pitiable level where we would rather live in the Past Glory of Papa because we have no present Glorious works that can be added to the History of CCC?

Dear Pastors,
Dear Most Superiors,
Dear Reverends,
Dear Shepherds,
Dear Evangelists,
Dear Mother Celestial,
Dear Celestial worshippers,

Rather than die in works of Pride and deceitfulness leading to Hell Fire, It is not too late to jettison works of Pride and deceit to come into LULI and experience again unequalled Power from the Throne of Grace.
Hymn 279: WA so do mi lati gba Oreofe ni Jesu WI Loni.


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  1. Nice piece… many thanks, meddling into things that are highly spiritual is inconsequential but I advise to get a constitution of celestial church of Christ to know more about this… There is no limitation to learning. Let us raise the bar. Halleluyah.

  2. Factually we must not combine too things together. God calling Oshoffa is distinctly different from the establishment of the church.
    Dates are different and times tell for the actualization. The day God call Abram was not the day He had Israel though Israel was in His mind.
    If Samson fulfilled purpose study well Jesus wouldn’t have come. Thinking that God’s intention was for Samson to come and do that mandate given to Jesus.
    God before 1947 has calling for sampling and people has not been done it well so He called Oshoffa and discovered his diligence so He gave the Celestial Church of Christ.

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