The Spectacular Burial Moments of Papa Oshoffa and Baba Bada You Don’t Know

Truely, I have narrated this story today on this platform. I am sure we really don’t know the severity of this matter here. Here is a spiritual church set up by the hand of God and some people who lack the holy spirit of God are treating it with levity like a personal business. I am sure any member of this church who has witnessed the power of God in this church will know it is not an ordinary church to toy with.

I am sure the burial of Papa Oshoffa and Baba Bada is still fresh in the memories of some of us who witnessed them. The beam of light that landed on his casket from heaven and instantly went back to heaven; which Baba Bada, who presided over the burial explained what has just happened, meaning that the power of God he used while with us alive must not be buried with him and so God had come to take the power back. I was standing beside late Baba Sobowale during the interment service and witnessed all that happened that day. Same goes for Baba Bada when his own time came too at Imeko during his burial the sun and moon both appeared together in the sky in that afternoon with the appearance of the rainbow and an eclipse, the Celestial Church sign of covenant. These were the same signs we received from God at Papa Oshoffa’s burial and to cap it all, as Baba Bada’s body was lowered into the ground, a light came heaven and changed the color of everyone present to gold color. Everybody startled seeing gold on their sutana and there was wide bewilderment and joy and everybody removed his girdle(amure) as they started throwing them up in wide jubilation just as we did for Papa Oshoffa. Now these special and spectacular events and occurrence has never happened during the burial of any Pope or any man of God in contemporary history of the world, in fact, the last time such rare occurrence happened as recorded in the Bible was during the burial of Jesus Christ.

Now the question to be asked is; is it the same church of God we are now treating with levity and behaving anyhow as we like in it, treating it like our personal property and estate?. The truth of the matter is both Papa Oshoffa and Baba Bada could not have done anything on their own except through the power of God that used them tremendously for the growth and success of the church because he(God Almighty), called and chose them as leaders of this church and that made it possible for them to do all they did in our midst. It is very important for God himself to chose a leader and Pastor for the church whom he will fill with his power, grace and great wonders. Spiritual and material progress will be experienced again like our father’s time. The glory and power of God will take over the church again and his enemies will lick the dust. The world would marvel and call us blessed and true children of the most high God.

I must say seriously, that the window of grace is still very opened to us to do what is right and proper before God because he is waiting and the Celestians above are anxious. A stich in time saves nine. May God be with us and his church in Jesus name. Amen.

Extracted from Facebook (Evangelist John Bada in response to awful acts of CCC members and the authenticity of CCC);

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