A Message To CCC Choristers and Faithfuls; Say NO To Indecent Worship/Music

So many times I get disappointed getting to a worship gathering taking up by spraying of money, rendition of immoral music, high praise of dignitaries and men of God. They place themselves in the place of God, in the presence of the most high. It’s like offering a strange sacrifice and it’s highly DANGEROUS!!!.

We have forgotten that our God is a jealous God. He does not share his glory and he values true worship a lot. Billions of angels accompanied with the 20 & 4 elders bow before the throne of grace and cast out their crowns before the most high God.

Celestians, it’s high time we go back to our root of true worship, rendition of high spiritual songs without worldly lyrics, thus, connecting us to God alongside the angels, even without the spraying of holy water, incense burning or perfuming. Let us pull off the garment of flesh and put on the armour of God. Enough of the earthly songs of immoral lyrics and beats by choristers and invited artists in Church service or events. He who dwells in flesh cannot please God. Our God is spirit, so we have to be sensitive to the things of the spirit by spending time in the word of God. By fellowshipping with the holy spirit. We(Musicians) should be ministers of God, not entirely entertainers!

This present generation needs to experience the raw manifestation of the holy spirit; I mean Revival that brings back lost souls to Christ. We have forgotten that, the work of soul winning is our primary assignment here one earth just as the mission o Celestial Church Of Christ.

Are you ready to lead this generation back to God? If yes, then learn to stay in his presence 24/7 by asking the holy spirit for help, for he needs to be your lead and guide. The whole form of the existence of men is to show forth the glory of “YESHUA”. This change starts with You, your parish, Choir type of rendition and church principles of inviting guest artists.

Please Share with love. let us spread the Good News.

Written by Bro. @harjovy Michael

Edited by SeunElijah for WeinTheCCC


  1. @weinthecc Good job!!!! More grace more anointing, auction to function in the mighty name of Jesus….. Amen

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