Why Prophet Oladele’s Genesis Parish Is The Most Successful In CCC. What Others Need To Learn.

Celestial Church Of Christ(CCC), according to her mission is to bring salvation to mankind and cleanse the world. Today, looking at CCC nigeria as a case study, after seventy years the church has not really gotten through, far and wide outside the yoruba circles. One may want to start believing that the church is yoruba. Even the Redeemed Christian Church Of God which started from the yoruba circles has expanded internationally.

I will be analysing why CCC Genesis Global is currently the most successful CCC parish in Nigeria. But before that, I will also like to show you some critical points by a committed celestian which is connected to the success of the aforementioned parish.

Picking a critical comment from a white man(an evangelist in CCC and married to a yoruba woman) on my previous article(Top Issues In CCC, How We Drag CCC Internationally) on WeinTheCCC.com, Evangelist Johannes Stockmeier stated some relevant points which i think the Church authority, stakeholders, shepherds and members must take note of;

“Thank you very much for this analysis, it could not be more true! One about the language issue, me being married to a Yoruba still have to say they are too much at ease with their own language. I have been told there are parishes in the UK where the full service, including sermon and prayers is conducted in Yoruba with no translation. What impression does this give to the residents? Even in Nigeria people of other tribes feel like being in a foreign country visiting a CCC service. This is also a matter of discipline! The shepherds have to take care that nobody must feel excluded but unfortunately they often don’t sense their responsibility.”

If we continue to ignore the proper use of international language(s), the need to go beyond the yoruba circles, proper promotion and interpretations of our contents, then we will just be prospering in the yoruba circle while dragging locally and Internationally. And this we know does not synchronize with the mission of the church as sent through our father, Rev. SBJ. Oshoffa in 1947.

Genesis World Outreach, Isheri Lagos

Now let me analyse to you why CCC Genesis Global, Alakuko Lagos is currently the most successful CCC parish in Nigeria. I will not put up figures in this note but if you doubt my claim, please find time to visit the parish, their Ministry at Isheri, do your research about the parish even online too and drop your feedback in the comment section of this post.

-CCC Genesis Global, Alakuko Lagos holds a CCC record in Nigeria as the Parish with most numbers of NON-CCC MEMBERS and CONGREGANTS ON MUFTI in a Sunday devotional Service.

-The parish also holds a CCC record in Nigeria of ‘most numbers of attendees on Sunday’. The parish holds 2 or 3 services every sunday.

-On social media, CCC Genesis global(CGG) is the CCC parish with most numbers of followership. Their social media presence is very massive compared to other parishes. Major online media are facebook page, Facebook group, and Instagram.

-For those of you who knows this parish well, you will agree with me that it is worth multi millions of naira. I can not ascertain the worth but it is evident with various developments ongoing in the church. Construction of their street roads some years back, the Israel Oladele Foundation, empowerments of Congregants, The football academy, Philanthropic works every week, Adverts on billboards, online media, digital promotion and media outfits in the church etc.

-Their online presence is very massive and consistent. Live streaming on sundays, sponsored posts, etc. The parish is investing consistently on digital promotion.

-I personally think the parish shepherd, Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe AKA unstoppable genesis is currently the most popular clergy of CCC in Nigeria. Following the viral videos of his generosity to people, Ministrations, Non-denominational programs and attendance to functions with prominent people outside of CCC. Many of my Pentecostal friends know him and even ask why such man is a clergy in a church like CCC. He is a unique shepherd. He owns the Israel Oladele Foundation and Israel Oladele Ministry that are fully operational and beneficial to thousands of people.
He is fluent in english, also lover of indigenous music, bible scholar, a prolific speaker, an evangelist, a teacher, renowned prophet, singer and multi-instrumentalist. This man is one of the standard evangelists in CCC. On the 10th of March 2019 at the Grandeur Hall in Ikeja, his ministry hosted an inter-denominational event. This was attended by prominent personalities, Pentecostal members and music ministered by Gospel Megastar Tim Godfrey.

-CGG as a Church and the Shepherd is the most criticized of CCC nationwide Currently. Fortunately, it adds to their popularity and most-sought CCC on social media.

CCC Genesis Global, Alakuko Lagos

What We Can Learn From CCC Genesis Global(CGG).

THE CHURCH MEDIA; The church media has established the church as a strong brand which is very consistent and prolific that it penetrates deep into social media using live streaming of services, massive shares of posts, sponsored posting and standard narratives. The parish knows the essence of digital and online media in aiding evangelism in this computer age. Also they project programs that any Nigerian can relate with using English language at most, emotional moments, key quotes, generosity, prophetic decree, prayers and philosophical contents. They never brand their media as yoruba. Posting beautiful pictures of faces is not common, rather they post images of their shepherd, fliers, achievements and the congregation.
Their media strength is driven more by their strategic videos and live streaming.

GENEROSITY AS A MISSION; Philanthropy is the culture of CGG. This makes them unique and popular as well. The Church has uplifted many households and businesses from poverty or poor conditions through humanitarian works.

HUMILITY; As successful, talented and popular the shepherd is, he is known to be very humble and can relate with anyone irrespective of their low level.

INFRASTRUCTURE FOR ALL; They make use of English language more than yoruba. They believe in bringing everyone irrespective of religion or tribe together without the fencing of doctrines and tenets. The building structure of the church makes it convenient for anybody to be comfortable, for Non-CCC members and even members on mentrual circle. Their philanthropy extends to people who are not even members. Music is not restricted to conventional gospel. Top gospel acts and celebrities are invited for Ministration especially at new moon service and special events.

EVANGELISM BEYOND THE CHURCH WALLS; Through the Genesis World Outreach anchored by CGG in Isheri lagos Weekly/monthly, The church has been able to reach out to thousands of people. This ministry is inter-denominational. The shepherd has his own ministry too called the Israel Oladele Ministry.

EXTRAORDINARY METHODOLOGY; The parish has successfully established her principles; No priority on spiritual work(Akanse ise), in fact they don’t do it. They do not have the ST Michael stone(Apata Michael) in the premises. CGG has been criticized severely on social media for not being a coventional type of CCC. The church is also investing in Football academy which recently sponsors some youngsters to England.

Prophet Israel Oladele speaking at Genesis World Outreach

CCC Genesis global and the shepherd, Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe have been able to reach out to millions of people through their media strength, inter-denominational programs, philanthropy and humanitarian works. They have successfully broken beyond the CCC Norms and established their mark in CCC Nigeria and christianity. The parish is known for her diversity, unique evangelism styles and consistent vibrancy.
This article is purely born out of these notable records and counsel for better CCC needed especially this computer age.

Please note, I am neither a member of CGG nor have spoken with the shepherd ever, but i have visited the parish few times and follow their events and progress online. The church might have abandoned some norms in CCC, however that should not make us shy away from the facts and records in this article. If I may ask, the parishes based on tenets and doctrines have not been able to touch lives better. True Evangelism should be prioritised more than doctrines and tenets. Do your doctrines and tenets but do not allow them be an obstacle to true christianity. I am not against our doctrines but it is unfortunate that extremities and abuse of the doctrines have made us lost value in christianity today. We have prioritised the church laws over salvation of mankind. We all know the issue of doctrines is a major cause of division in christianity today. Take or leave it, CGG has their place. They are a pride of CCC and has made many people outside CCC to see our great church of good perspective.

By SeunElijah (TheCatalyst).

Let me know of your opinion on this note. Drop your message at the comments section below.


  1. 2 Timothy 4:3-5:
    3. For there is going to come a time when people won’t listen to the truth but will go around looking for teachers who will tell them just what they want to hear. 4 They won’t listen to what the Bible says but will blithely follow their own misguided ideas.
    5 Stand steady, and don’t be afraid of suffering for the Lord. Bring others to Christ. Leave nothing undone that you ought to do.

  2. Although, i have seen him before and i could see he is such a great clergy.More spiritual strengh to continue doing His work sir.
    How i just wish he should lecture ccc youth more on callings on how they should go about it in order tto be successful,and also its benefit…… I wish i am present on that day also if the could come.SHALOM!

  3. Menstral women will not perish IJN, they can go near the Church but there are restricted areas in the Church that we all know that is prohibited for women doing menstration. They are not permitted to enter inside the church. Or should
    we say that the wife of a shepherd should leave the premises of the church cos she is doing her time? No.

  4. Personally, I love this man of God. He create more awareness about CCC to the outsiders, that we are not idol worshippers. CGG carry on with your assignment, provided your message are winning more souls for Christ in CCC. I appreciate your courage, I used to read from some of your critics on your wall, it’s all about jealousness. Keep it up our evangelist.
    We are proud of you. Let the critics roll out their own ideas, most of them are empty. They are like that, enemy of progress in disguise. If they have half of this your grace, they will declare themselves as Pastor CCC worldwide with another fashion.
    Lord is your strength. God of baba oshoffs is solidly with you.

  5. According to our doctrine it’s clearly stated that those on their menstrual cycle should stay away from the church premises if at all there is any spiritual work in the church still they’re not allowed to come.
    I hope you get it right CCC is a divine church from heaven above, sometimes it gives me pain that we not following these doctrines the way its meant to be. I will keep saying it the CCC we’re practicing now is different from the 1947 own where we’ve departed from our doctrine and tenets

  6. Glad for this is the 21st century, the earlier we realise this the better for all of us. The Last Boat of Salvation shouldn’t be seen as fetish. CGG has paved the ways, others just have to follow. And by the December, we meet at Imeko, Ogun State.

  7. Guess if ur wife is in mensuration, you will not even seat with her, not to talk of cooking for. cos u r a temple of God, and as such his sanctuary.

  8. Are woman menstruating not worshiping in cac, mfm, winners etc. Pls it’s high time we change our mentality. So because of menstruation woman should be render useless for periods right?

  9. For those who have not been to parish,women who are on their menstrual cycles do not sit in the church, they sit under the canopies outside(extension 1 to 9).
    The main auditorium is divided by handrails in such a way that the new converts who are not ready to wear garments still have a place in the church.
    The bottom line is that the church membership increases on a weekly basis due to flexibility in the mode of service without breaking the tenet and norms of ccc,most of what you hear from people are not really true but an attempt to put the image of the parish into disrepute

  10. Thank you for your write-up.
    Romans 12:2 highlighted 3 things:
    1. Things that are good
    2. Acceptable
    3. Perfect Will of God

    What if things are good looking and acceptable with men and are not the Perfect Will of God. Why should menstrual woman come to the church premises less to say have a place in the sanctuary? Don’t you think it is not the perfect will of God in the Celestial Church of Christ?
    Have you worship in the southern and eastern part of Nigeria so you know that Celestial Church of Christ is not just a Yoruba speaking church?
    Being a phylantropist is by grace not all will have that ministry. And do you still know that there are still many languishing in poverty in that same church. Bible stated that clearly that there will be poor people and that is while the rich are there to bless them.
    The eyes of the Lord is watching all…
    I pray God will keep watch of His church in Jesus name Amen.

    • So ‘menstrual women’ in quote should perish cus of their monthly issue? Are you saying they are not meant to go anywhere close to the church? Or worship to God for them under the blood flow is an abomination? If that’s your agitation then get more scriptural enlightenments. Pentecostal members goes to church with no sense of inhibitation, the same mind is what is required of us all.

    • Good evening ma, please let me correct you on this issue,women in their cycle don’t sit in the church auditorium. They actually sit outside under the canopy, the people you see inside the church are converts who for one reason or the other best known to them haven’t summoned the courage to wear their sutana from their homes. In other parishes women on their cycle sit outside the church so it’s not particular to Genesis Global ma. As for people languishing in poverty, i will like to stay for a fact that one thing I can attest to is the fact that the Grace at Genesis Global is our members don’t lack basic things, asiri wa ma nbo, see the vidoes that go viral are not in anyway in comparism to thousands of people and members that are assisted daily by the church without the presence of the camera. Poverty In my opinion is a thing of the mind, we might not have it all now but even the bible says to everything there is a season and time appointed, so at each person’s appointed time God’s perfect willing will come to play but I stand to say Genesis Global member are not languishing in poverty as you say ma. Thank you.

    • Fine! your write-up is nice. However, when prophet Isreal Oladele Genesis was called nobody was there. I believe he does what the holy spirit asks him to do in CCC thereby proclaiming the glory of CCC globally. Besides, our God is a God full of grace, HE gives everybody as HE wishes nobody can query HIM. Grace given to David was quite different from Solomon’s. one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Don’t say because CGG allows women in menstrual circle to enter into church so others parishes should do so that they can have most numbers of followership. Anyway as a Shepherd if you emulate Genesis in that manner it is left for you. Shepherd with different grace. Celestial is a unique church and its glory differ from others 1 cor. 15:40 so therefore let all things be done decently and in order. I love CGG! I love CCC. Thanks

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