Is This A Sin? Please We Need Your Opinions.

Christian sister got pregnant and the church decided to discipline her since she was not married.

When the elders of the Church met and interviewed her, she told them that she has stayed and remained in the church for several years and no one is marrying her and she is getting old and approaching the age of menopause where she can’t get pregnant even if married.

So after reading some Christian medical journals on this issues, she decided and did the artificial insemination since she too wants a child. She tendered both medical journals and medical documents that showed it’s from a reputable hospital.

The sister is pregnant without committing fornication nor adultery with any man.

Now could this be a SIN?

KINDLY give your reasons for your answer and if possible back it with scripture , so that we can learn.
You may wish to share with your Christian friends and see their position on the matter.

What do you think? Let us discuss. Please use the comment section below.



  1. It is not a sin. The Bible promotes procreation. This I procreation. She is a virgin, she is not married, she is pregnant through Technology, how is it a sin or our business. She doesn’t want to touch a man but she was able to promote procreation.
    A lot of women have removed their womb, removed babies and you call this sin.
    We must occupy the world and dominate it, says the Lord.

  2. Hmmmm, this case!!! To call a spade a spade it is a sin,look at Serah she waited on God and wait for God’s promise…. But I can’t blame nor condemned her because there some situation you confine yourself and you we not be able to handle it

  3. Firstly, she is not spiritual, because if she is, she won’t doubt God neither will she do such a thing.
    She has sinned by doing that.
    You see this whole thing called artificial insemination self is a great sin before God.
    God killed ONAN the second son of JUDAH because of this(Genesis 38:9). The owner of the semen has sins against God by not doing it in the way God wants. Spiritually speaking, the woman n man has sinned, because they didn’t follow how God created it.
    Any form of procreation without sexual intercourse between man and woman is a sin.
    All she was after was to accomplish her flesh desires.

    • It’s is a sin…if truely she is a child of God,she would have waited for God promise… God time and man time are have prayed u would have waited patiently for the manifestation…

  4. Hmmmm this one is, to man, it might be a sin and to some it might not be a sin but the question is the artificial insemination she did, what sperm was put into her eggs to fertilize the egg?

  5. She doubted God could remember her at that age so she decided to help God..
    All unrighteousness is a sin that’s what scriptures says

  6. Any form of procreation without the normal sexual intercourse between man and woman is a sin.
    Using any form of procreation outside the God’s laid down rule is a sin

  7. She hasn’t fulfilled God’s order on reproduction, it had to be by sexual intercourse I think so I believe its a sin but who are we to judge?

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