Marriage Partner; Why You Should Follow Your Revelation, Not Consultation From Prophets

In life, the desire to be married is one of the more important decisions we are made to face. Such decisions could materially impact the turn out of our future. it is therefore a natural desire to have some form of reassurances that our choice of spouse is the best.

It is good to seek direction from God regarding our steps and actions. The Bible states and I quote, “A person plans his course, but the Lord directs his steps” (Proverbs 16:9). God is capable of revealing exactly when and who we should get married to but has also given us various gifts we can leverage on to take a decision without outsourcing that back to Him. Even while we depend on God’s direction, everyone has to make that call based upon their personal conviction and trust in God.

I think that it’s good to consider historical and cultural perspectives in giving an opinion on such issues. The African tends to focus on reaching “out” to a deity rather than introspecting and leveraging on his internal mechanisms including the fact that greater is He who is on You than he who is in the world (out there).

There is a program on radio that I have chanced upon on a few Saturdays. The consultant works with an NGO that focuses of marriage and their survey shows that a lot of christian marriages are failing( I believe it was between 50 and 70% ish but may need verification but all the same a very high percentage was involved and can be verified by the court cases for divorce which are predominantly Christian marriages especially in the southern part of the country). He blamed it on pastors directing people on who their spouses should be. His opinion was that no where in the Bible did it happen that people went to consult God on who to get married to. On the occasion of Isaac the servant of Abraham prayed to be directed to the best person and the wise book says “he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord…the operative word being to find . Indeed the Bible was compiled over thousands of years.

Now consultation does not guarantee the success of a marriage because there are actions that you take after being married. The man and the woman grow and develop, learn and all these are not revealed at consultation.

It is however clear to me that there are some things we need to disabuse and incessant consultation is one of it. We now need to get people to pray and hear for themselves and consultation should confirm the revelation they have. If it does not, they should go with their own revelation, intuition etc not the words that come as a result of consultation. Can you imagine an illiterate prophet seeing a young man in black gown and prophesying potential death whereas in his vision after probing is that the young man seen was wearing a lawyer’s official garb complete with the wig etc. In such an instance a wrong message would lead to wrong prayer intervention.

Secondly is that we have services of worship and spiritual revelations come at such services without anyone instigating it but by the Holy Spirit through prophets.

We therefore need to use consultation sparingly and for the most important issues in life. Also as a confirmation of God’s revelation to us individually. It is therefore to be used to corroborate what we know and have already received. This will help CCC members develop their ability to listen to the Holy Spirit.

Prophet Lloyd Onaghinon


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