God loves and wants to reform the man that is broken down to yield to the will of the Father

Man was formed from dust, this is unequivocally true. The book of Genesis in the Bible gives account of this, that God breathed into man and made man a living soul. Dust is made of fine particles, of solid matter, this means every body of matter can be broken down into dust. Dust is the tiniest division of our being. When matter breaks down it releases inner parts of itself, this is dust.

The big bang theory states that the universe existed as a small singularity and then over 13.8 billion years it expanded into the cosmos we know today, that is scientific and may well be true when we factor in that the concept of time as an unyielding and infinite measuring force that God stretches or contracts as He wills. God is not within the constraint of time.

If one were to reconstruct an old building, it would be broken before being rebuilt, if one wanted to change the functionality of an old building, same. It follows that we, as human, in order to be re-formed or re-designed must be broken down into the most basic element of our creation, dust.


Sand is an extensive body of settled dust while dust is almost intangible, subject even to the whims of the wind. Dust is a floater, completely pliable, sand on the other hand has taken on other characters, it has joined to other things, it has adapted for relevance or survival. Sand is dense and at home on the ground and even when the force of the whirlwind unsettles it, it finds its home on the ground again. Sand is lacking in potential for the purpose of moulding or rebuilding.
So, yes definitely dust, not sand.


Shall what is formed say to the one who made it, “you did not make me”? Can the pot tell the potter, “you know nothing”? Isaiah 29:16

So, surrender is the ultimate form of mould-ability for the man that is dust, the man that God loves and wants to reform, the man that is broken down to yield to the will of the Father.

Case in point, the current Corona virus pandemic. The World has faced a crisis never before seen by the current generation, thousands have died from it, thousands may yet die from it and I know many feel forsaken by God, many feel lost. Good news is that God can never forsake us, by His very nature which is love, we know He can never fail us, and I believe as it is said, “that though weeping may endure through the night, Joy cometh in the morning.”

By Omoladun Akinokun

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